gluefilm clear 4x4

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Product Description

GlueFilm is a thin heat activated dry-to-the-touch adhesive film providing more glue capability in a single product with no mess. GlueFilm was designed as a multiple purpose craft adhesive used for scrapbooking, quilting, bonding embellishments, school projects, home projects, general crafting and much more. GlueFilm comes in 4x4 (10 to a pack), 8.5x11 (2 or 5 to a pack) and 12x12 (2 or 5 to a pack).Gluefilm Crafting Adhesive's multi-purpose film design can be heat applied using many different heating methods. The type of method used depends on your setup and what you are trying to accomplish. GlueFilm can be cut to intricate shapes if necessary and be used (for example) to bond or laminate 2 materials together or to bond plastic, wood or metallic embellishments to paper. Always keep in mind that the materials you are working with need to be able to withstand some direct heat or heat transfer.A unique characteristic of GlueFilm is in it's ability to be easily re-worked unlike other tradtional liquid or cement adhesives. Once you heat and cure GlueFilm, it can be easily re-worked by simply re-heating. No more having to "break your bond" after curing and risk damaging the other materials you are working with in the process. GlueFilm cannot be re-activated by indoor or outdoor temperatures due to its elevated phase-change temperature of 160F/71C (point at which it is heated and turns from a solid to a liquid).Projects shown are courtesy of Roni Johnson and Rebecca Peck of Streuter Technologies. For project ideas, project instructions, demonstration videos, and more visit YouTube and enter gluefilm or streuter.

gluefilm clear 4x4 gluefilm clear 4x4 gluefilm clear 4x4

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