Item collection df68d0ad 14b2 4105 b066 cf7e8da48139

MFT-740 Interactive Window STAX Dies


Item collection 72cea538 b618 487a 98d4 0c6dbf70c8e9

MFT-1005 Downhill Slope


Item collection 7ad6e6a5 7e27 4731 9ab6 2865e50926f2

MFT-546 Stitched Snow Drifts Dies


Item collection 005af2a3 1531 4ad7 a158 9e8047b02e52

MFT-540 Gift Card Grooves


Item collection a4c2c0ba 3244 4d0f baca 02bd940444eb

MFT-899 Surf & Turf Interactive Die


Item collection c6e550d6 3444 47b7 a153 8d7e13bfdf1c

MFT-1004 Fresh Cut Grass


Item collection 15495241 19bf 4623 936e 83004e2721c7

MFT-901 Inside & Out Stitched Star Die


Item collection 6680d955 19da 4bc0 9efe 8dd0799fdb2b

MFT-232 Snow Drifts Die


Item collection 968980a4 b36f 46bf 98a6 a31009032776

MFT-864 Perfect Planters


Item collection 93303820 aa23 4b05 bd4d 0382080969a9

MFT-830 Puffy Clouds


Item collection 46a67900 d115 4dab bef1 8af06340ee21

MFT-575 Stitched Fishtail Flag STAX Die


Item collection c2915f26 e1a3 4a95 9b17 a42a576d58aa

MFT-1028 Stitched Sentiment Strips


Item collection 5067dcab 2588 4c41 844e 9506167cab14

MFT 1024 Band-Aids Die


Item collection d3543d63 245e 4ae1 884d 108d7b8abd44

MFT 999 Winter Trees Die


Item collection ee7f1f25 c5f7 4ada 9111 24fcbaa8d56c

MFT-997 Hit the Slopes


Item collection bdbbb523 2afa 436d bf81 dad420c77c58

MFT-994 Stitched Rectangle Scallop Edge Frames die


Item collection 0423d10e fb87 4e0c a98d 923eba916c03

MFT-921 Stitched Circle Scalloped Edge Frames Die


Item collection 0f55f5f9 d960 40b3 ab19 04b58714aa60

MFT-916 Stitched Valley Die


Item collection 45a439f1 624b 4406 8e19 3a38d0ff47db

MFT-914 Blueprints 29


Item collection 794dfe47 25dc 4106 ad04 24d53abb957b

MFT-889 Classic Window Die


Item collection f01ae95c ff85 4d03 bc51 8daa6b07f3f8

MFT-870 Blueprints 27 Die Set


Item collection 5505b403 c4d8 4140 b96c fa55aafb3f80

MFT-848 Inside & Out Stitched Round Rectangle STAX Die


Item collection 74277cf5 5bff 4592 aa47 89a34fe5bea3

MFT-741 Stitched Interactive Window Trio Die


Item collection ef76c304 8848 4357 854b e564cb68b58a

MFT-557 Stitched Rounded Rectangle STAX Die


Item collection 5ce3aa0f 61af 4aca 8643 2bb3a9d3afcd

MFT-474 Sequins Die


Item collection 665e508c a828 4956 9fd2 746bd56d99e3

Avery Elle Christmas Packages Die


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